Green Building

An intentional approach to responsible building.

Green building is more than just a buzz term at Benchmark Custom Homes–it’s an intentional and responsible way of approaching business. By planning the design of your home in a way that minimizes waste, optimizes resources, and promotes efficiency, you can enjoy the benefits of a house you’ll be proud to call home for a lifetime.

Green building is about selecting the right materials and making positive and practical design choices. In every home we build, we optimize energy and the quality of air and water resources, from the design of your home to the landscaping of your yard.

In your green home, you’ll know you’ve made a sound decision when you’re enjoying increased comfort, reduced maintenance and repair costs, lower utility bills, and in some cases preferred mortgage rates and increased home value.

As an ENERGY STAR builder, Benchmark takes pride in preserving the environment and promoting sustainability. We’re honored that our homes have earned Gold Level Green Home designation by the NAHB Research Center.

Look no further than Benchmark Custom Homes for your certified and experienced green builder!

Green Building - Tankless Water Heater