How does the financing work during the construction process?

In most cases the homeowner is able to obtain a construction/permanent loan. During the building phase the construction loan is used to make progress payments to the contractor as work is completed. Most banks allow the buyers to lock in a rate 60-90 days prior settlement. When the house has been completed the construction loan is converted into a permanent loan.

How long does it take to build a House?

Generally it takes 6-8 months to complete a house on a crawl space and 7-9 months to complete a house with a basement. With careful planning, timely selections, and normal weather conditions homes can be completed 1-2 months sooner.

What is the price per square foot to build a new house?

A number of factors, which can vary considerably, determine the price per square foot. Excluding lot price, garage location is one such factor. A house with a basement garage is less expensive to build than one with a main level garage. A house with a similar amount of square footage on the second level as compared with the main level is cheaper to build than one that has a majority of the square footage on the main level and little or none upstairs. Also, exceeding the allowance inputs with more expensive substitutions can significantly change the quoted price per square foot. For example, with respect to kitchen cabinets for a 2,500 SF house, if one person elects to spend $50,000 while another spends only $25,000, the first buyer will be spending an additional $10 per square foot on the house for this upgrade. This principle also applies to upgrades in counter tops, plumbing/electrical fixtures, tile, landscaping, mirrors, and door hardware. In other words, finishing touches can greatly affect the overall price per square foot of a house when upgrades, additions, and substitutions are made.

How often is it necessary to meet during the planning and construction process?

During the design stages, I usually meet with the homeowners and my draftsperson several times a week. Once the construction details and specifications have been worked out, meetings are less frequent. However, I have found it helpful to either meet or make a personal contact with each homeowner weekly to answer specific questions and make sure everyone is “on the same page.” Someone (either I or one of my superintendents) is available every day to answer questions and supervise every step of the construction process.

How do you maintain your quality from home to home?

Many of the subcontractors whom we use have been working with us for many years and are craftsmen in their areas of expertise. We do not bid out trade contractors looking for the lowest bid. Rather, we know what to expect to pay for the quality of work you are looking for. Our subcontractors are paid fairly and perform at the highest level. This ensures that the high quality craftsmanship that you see in a Benchmark home will be the same quality which you can expect in your home.

What differentiates your company from the others?

Benchmark Custom Homes is committed to building quality homes at a fair and competitive price. As stated before, we use only subcontractors who are extremely well qualified in their areas of expertise. Benchmark uses a hands-on approach throughout the entire construction process. Two Benchmark superintendents are on the job sites every day. In addition, I visit each job site daily and am readily available to answer questions and address construction concerns whenever they arise. This approach allows us to limit costly errors and keep the construction process moving forward. It also allows the homeowner to meet with us on short notice.

Where do you build?

We are currently building in several subdivisions in the Winston-Salem area. These include Brookberry Farm, Woodmont, Salem Glen, Buena Vista, and Spicewood Trails. Benchmark also builds custom homes on privately-owned lots and property.

How many homes do you build at one time?

We generally have 2-4 new homes, as well as 2-4 remodeling projects, under construction.

Do you provide references?

Yes, and I highly recommend that every potential Benchmark customer contact them. While I have included some of testimonials on our website, I will provide potential customers with a list of Benchmark homeowners whom they can contact directly. We take pride in being a responsive company, both during the construction process and after the move has been made. In fact, satisfied Benchmark customers have proved to be the most effective salespersons for Benchmark Custom Homes, Inc.